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Conveyor Roller

Conveyor Roller

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Main features of  GCS rollers for sale (energy saving products)

1.Robust design structure for heavy duty applications.

2.The welding of the steel tube and bearing seat of the rollers is done by a precision concentric automatic welding machine.

3.The cutting and processing of the steel tube and shaft is done by CNC automatic equipment.

4.In order to achieve a good fit between the shaft and the bearing, the shaft end is precision roll-ground.

5.The assembly of the rollers is done by automatic equipment and the rotational performance is 100% tested.

6.The rollers and support parts can be manufactured according to DIN/AFNOR/FEM/ASTM/CEMA standards.

7.The outer guard is made of high strength alloy.

8.Continuous lubrication and maintenance-free.

9.Minimum 30,000 hours working life, longer depending on the load.

10.Complete vacuum seal: internal seal, 3 groove labyrinth seal, external V-shaped rubber ring and centrifugal self-cleaning chamber.


We are confident that you will find the ideal choice for your business or organisation. If you would like to contact GCS conveyor suppliers at any time to solve a problem or provide sales assistance, our contact centre is always available to help you.


Conveyor roller from China is often used to transport tools, can improve the transmission efficiency, reduce the cost of manpower and material resources. It is divided into Heavy duty conveyor roller and Light duty conveyor roller. GCS China professional conveyor roller suppliers can provide you with quality service, high quality China conveyor roller, China belt conveying equipment and fast and good quality production.